In Loving Memory of Peggy & James Hilleary






Hope everyone is doing well. I know it's been a while since I have updated the webpage. Yes, I am here . . .


Still doing Chemo twice weekly on Tuesday & Friday thus changing my hours a bit. I will open on Sundays to make up for those two lost days. It's very difficult to get started with all the meds so push the visiting hours to as close to the Noon hour if possible?


Since the new shop is considerably smaller I have no space for parts on the walls. considering the world is now ebaying everything, a couple of my vendors are following suit and not providing parts to me but instead selling on eBay to make up for their lost revenues. Can't say I blame them.


It is however making it difficult to get parts. Please call ahead to see what I have available or, just bring your own parts.


I did get the spray booth up and running so, I can get back to painting.


Pricing will change a bit however, rest assured, I will not break you bank just as I haven't in the past.


Thank you for your patience and I look forward to seeing you very soon!











We offer a variety of repair services for most stringed instruments including electric and acoustic instruments, banjo and mandolin and more. Services include basic setup and restorations, custom wiring and parts fabrication.



Have an idea for a custom modification, something to make your instrument uniquely yours? Lucy Pick will fabricate parts for your instrument from a variety of materials. Each item is custom designed and hand-crafted to order.



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