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Here are a few of the custom paint jobs I have done for a few clients.




I get a lot of requests for Fender® and similar style instrument builds or finishing. For most, I use Nitrocellulose Lacquers however, many colors can only be obtained through the use of Poly-Acrylic type lacquers.


Vintage Blonde -Tele, featuring all Callaham parts.


Fiesta Red-Strat , again featuring all Callaham parts


Ice-Blue Strat Body Surf Green - Jaguar



Daphne Blue - P-Bass


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Here's one I did for a Mr.. Carl “C-Phat” Edwards, of the internationally popular Reggae band, "Live Wyya ". I received a call one morning from "C-Phat" to ask if I could customize his Fender J-Bass. We discussed a number of options and found we were both on the same page. C-Phat agreed to give me carte blanche to run with it.


I received the Bass within a few days and with the help of my friend Nick Sanzone plus, the cooperation of local automotive restoration facility, we set forth on the process and came up with the following.


Mr.. Carl Edwards


Wish I had one of these

Mix up a little color

Start with some Grey base

Add some Yellow

Add some Green

And finally, some Red

The Final Result


At this point, the color coats have been added and now to apply the artwork. C-Phat asked that his band's logo be incorporated into the design. I am not an air-brush artist so, for this reason I chose to use water-slide decals for the artwork.

I discovered that the band was promoting their new "Spread The Love" album and promotional tour of Africa so, I took the liberty to add its namesake to the design.


Spread the Love!

Band Logo

Back Side

A Must Have

Front view

She Likes it Too!


In the end, everyone liked the results and C-Phat was happy!

Visit the Live Wyya's website at: http://www.livewyya.com/index/




This is a faded Fiesta Red Tele - Style I did for one of my favorite customers.

The Finish is Notro. I used an 80/20 mixture of Fiesta Red/Coral to create the faded color tones. The pickups are "Custom Shop-NoCasters" in a 4-way configuration.


The amp knobs I painted with gold to more-or-less match the hardware


Mr.. Bruces' New Guitar





Hardware Closeup



Overall Front

Overall Back








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