Complete Pricing



Need to replace a tired or played-out pickup? Lucky Pick provides new or used pickups. We can also order pickups for you from any number of manufacturers and custom pickups winders.


We can also provide you with any of the necessary components, switches and controls for tone selection options.




We stock a number of Acoustic/Electric Preamps in the shop or we can order what ever suits you needs. Installations range in price defending on the style and/or modification to the instrument needed to complete the installation.



We can provide custom wiring for most configurations, Gibson© Les Paul/ES, Fender© Tele/Strat, PRS and Ibanez as well as a number of other popular wiring schemes.


If you desire you're own custom configuration or just want to upgrade your current wiring to explore other tone variations than, give us a call.



Custom wiring services are available upon request and are typically Billed at the Shop's hourly rate of $65.00/hr.



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