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Lucky Pick offers any number of fretting services depending on condition of the instrument or needs of the client.




What is Leveling?



Over time frets simply wear out. They become pitted or even flattened and an instrument's playability, tone and intonation deteriorate. As well, various densities in wood types are not uniform throughout the fingerboard. When subjected to climate changes or aging, the wood naturally expands and contracts resulting in differences in the relative heights of individual frets in relation to adjacent ones.


For Acoustics aging or structural shifting can often affect the Tongue Extension causing notes to "Fret-Out" in the upper-end of the fingerboard. This is why a "Fret-Leveling" becomes necessary. Leveling is physically the act of lowering all frets to a consistent height followed by "Re-Crowning" and polishing the fret's surface. There are times however, when excessive wear prevents a leveling and it becomes necessary to perform a "Partial Refret" or even a "Full Re-Fret".



What is a Partial Refret?


As for the above mentioned reasons, together with differences in metal composition in frets, strings or playing styles, frets may become worn differently on various positions of a fingerboard.


As the name implies, a partial re-fret involves removing and replacing any number of worn or damaged frets. It is often necessary to perform a basic "Fret-Leveling" after a partial re-fret for this reason, the replaced fret's taller profile may conflict with the height of remaining non-replaced frets. They must be lowered to match the existing profile.




What is a Full Refret?


As for all the above mentioned reasons, the inevitable "Full Re-Fret" becomes necessary. A full re-fret consists of the removal, resurfacing of fingerboard and re-installation of new frets.


At this point, a number of options might be considered. For instance, a different profile fret. Each fret profile offers a player a unique characteristic to there own style of playing.


Often, dehydration may a neck to shrink causing the sharp frets edges to protrude beyond the fingerboard. In this case, an Edge-Beveling followed by a quick polish can eliminate the discomfort.



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