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Natural wear and tear on a nut or saddle can rob an instrument of both tone and clarity. Woods over time also change their shape due to lack of humidity and or temperature variations. Inevitably for these reasons, it eventually becomes necessary to replace either or both.


All though manufactures do offer so called "Drop-in" replacements, small changes an instrument's geometry may require additional fitting and the notion of "Drop-in" replacement becomes more of an exorcize in "Glue-shimming". Often these replacement materials are merely plastic and hollow and offer little improvement in an instruments tone. Continue.


Additionally, nuts and Saddles come in a variety of materials. Each material type offers an instrument its unique flavor of tone. The type of material for any given instrument can make a tremendous difference in note tone, clarity and sustain. Whether you prefer Bone over Brass, Wood or any of the many synthetic materials now offered. We'll fabricate one that's right for your instrument. Choose form any of the following materials:


  • Bone/Ivory
  • Corian
  • Graphite
  • Tusq®
  • Brass
  • Ebony/Rosewood
  • Earvana® Compensated




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